Trump promised tax breaks and financial support

Donald Trump, US President, announced financial support for small businesses and vulnerable segments of the community, as well as tax breaks, in an appeal to citizens in connection with the spread of coronavirus throughout the country.

"I gave instructions to the authorities responsible for the activities of small businesses, within the scope of their opportunities to ensure the provision of capital and liquidity for companies affected by the coronavirus," Trump said.

He noted that "the authorities will provide loans at low-interest rates to enable companies in the affected states to overcome the temporary economic difficulties caused by the virus."

"I ask Congress to increase funding for this program by an additional $50 billion," Trump said. He stressed that "he will give an order to the federal treasury to suspend tax collection without levying subsequent penalties from certain groups of citizens and private enterprises."

"As a result of these actions, the liquidity of the economy will increase of $200 billion," the US president said.

Trump said that he "calls on the US Congress to introduce concessions in respect of taxation on wages immediately," and expressed the hope that members of Congress "will take it decisively."

“Soon, I will take extraordinary measures of an unprecedented nature to provide financial concessions that will apply to workers who are sick, quarantined, or caring for other sick people. I will ask Congress to take legislative measures to ensure these concessions,” Trump concluded.